[Konohanaku (Konohana)] Yamato and Ulti at the Bathhouse

A couple of hot gorgeous sexy girls from the “One Pice” series will have to face the terrifying enemey. Today, they’ll be facing a group of cute, octopus-like creatures. It’s true that this comic parody hentai will be stuffed with tentacles! Domination, big tits tentcales- why aren’t you reading the description instead of the comics?

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The world of “One Piece” is filled with piratesand where there are pirates, there will be stories of mythical and mysterious creatures called “mermaids”. Luffy even met oneof them! And , of course, his account of this incredible event is onethat is deifnitely worth telling… however, only as part of a parody comic based on hentai because he has taken on the sea mermaid!

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[Okunev] Starfire X Blackfire (Teen Titans)

Despite all their efforts at getting to be Starfire, Blackfire are now fighting once more. Even the fact it’s a wedding day for one isn’t going to alter anything! There will be a change though the result that this fight will bring is going to be quite different from what you have previously seen! If you’ve read any hentai parodies about lesbian Teen Titans earlier ofcourse…

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Ben Ten Ultimate Alien: Family Bonding

The family fight can be quite difficult at times… but hardly you have ever seen the strength that is displayed by the Tennysons family! Gwen and Sunny are fighting yet again but this timeredhead girl is sure that she is not up to play with the tricks that brunette girl prepared for her… or maybe Gwne was secretly thinking about being slapped by Sunny throughout the entire time!

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Temaris Sexy Wedding Scheme (Naruto) [English] [Digital]

You may have been an avid admirer of Naruto Uzumaki’s adventures however did you wonder where the story would be in the event that Naruto and Temari were to get married? The parody comics will give the opportunity to take a closer look at this scenario! And even though it won’t have any impact on any storylines, one thing is for certain – the wedding night they’ll have be sleepless!

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[Smiling Dog/Doggos Doujins]Fairy Hunting Chp.1

Lucy Heartfillia’s “Fairy Tail”, sometimes isn’t aware of her most powerful weapon. It is the weapon, instead of following a man on her heels, allows her to effortlessly draw him away. Her big tits, sweet booty are her weapon! Is this only possible by making parodies of the tale by the hentai? It works in this story and we’d love to read it in color!

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The Case Of Having Been Reincarnated And Turned Into a Tentacle Youma

A massive monster with many tentacles that are both long and sturdy. This isn’t something that can make any Sailor Warriors… except if it’s all being played out in a hentai parody comic, in which case regardless of whether there will be several Sailor Warriors or just one of them as they’ll all be completely fucked! This rough lesson will be handed to Sailor Mercury.

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[MutantProject] Home Sweet Home (World of Warcraft)

Draenei, wood elf and human sat at the house and started to talk. The three best friends have been friends for a number of years. They also enjoy a passion for beer. Today, they decided to arrange group lesbian sexual activity. They climb onto the bed and begin to lick and kiss each other's huge boobs and wet pussies. The draenei strips off his pants and is ready to go. He is able to suck a human and an elf, filling their tummies with sticky and squishy. Enjoy.

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Teen Titans 2

Big Tits! Huge Tits! Giant Tits Titan Tits! You're correct – Titan Tits is a satirical comic that is based on the cult Teen Titans characters Starfire, Raven, and Jinx. The lack of men is no problem – Raven's magic abilities let her bring fuanari action to the scenes.

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Raven Flash

Flash might consider himself to be the fastest person on earth, but there are instances that this title isn't a compliment. In case if you still have not guessed what we're talking about then we are talking about having sex so the sooner Kid-Flash will learn to use his speed with the assistance of Raven the more a good lover he will become in the near future…

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