This comic will reveal the story of the sexual initiation rite of a girl known as Sakura. She is learning about sexual perfection under the guidance of skilled women. She will have the chance to realize her goals in the near future. All she needs to do is find a worthy partner. As teacher, she picks her uncle who they have not seen for quite some time, and who is not averse to trying sex with a young niece. He’s not only willing to teach her, but also give her what she so wants. But he doesn’t ignore his pride: He also wants to have fun sex with Sakura and, therefore, will control the process.

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Saboten Nindou 2

Black and white sex comics, and in it you will find several stories related to the Naruto cartoon. Busty babes and have their various methods of achieving sexual pleasure. And you will see how one girl enjoys morning masturbation with a big vibrator when lying in bed moaning in silence. Also, you can see that people need wild sex, such as the stallion who is fucking an animal at the stable. Let’s start by reading this comic to learn more.

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Uchiha no Sarada-chan

This is a disgusting porn comic about a little girl everyone calls”a bookworm. The girl reads books and always visits the library. She is strangely dressed in glasses. However, one day things change when a handsome gentleman arrives at the library. The girl realizes that she needs to know how to perform the throat blow, something she was taught in books. Are you interested in seeing how their relationship develops? Take a look right now.

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Cactus Ninja Path -Abnormal Battle

Sometimes , the road towards becoming a ninjacan be very long and difficult. Sakura is a gorgeous woman, decided to take this route to reach 16 dan mastery. Sakura is waiting to take her first endurance test. Sakura will need to have sexual relations with her master. She’ll have endure three hours of wild fiddling in all of her sexy holes And only then will Sakura be capable of passing the test. Let’s get started by reading the comic and discover what will happen the next time around.

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Tsunade no In Kangoku 2.5

The comic is black and white. It shows how sexually attractive and athletic Hinata and Tsunade are. The girls first caress and undress each other. They will squish juicy nipples and slap beautiful, round aces. In the next few days, the gorgeous ladies start to play with sexual toys to gain pleasure. Then, those insatiable mares will need an oversized chicken. So let’s start by reading the comic.

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Highly Very Pretty Supreme Face Love Stud

The comic is about two young couples who are obsessed with the ninjas. They train every day but decide to try something different from shooting daggers at a manequin. They decided to go out for sex, and they enjoy it. The couple sex all day, and even during training. The wife is one day deciding to use the bathroom and discovers that her husband is having an sexual erection. She comes up to him and asks “What’s going on?” He replies, “Nothing. I’m just ready for it to come to an end.”

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Q.N.T [MG WORKS] [Naruto]

Tsunade has a dress top and appears to be a big dude. Tsunade isn’t shy and is kissing Tsunade. He then kisses her hot sexy wet. Tsunade was stunned to see Sasuke’s cocky body in front of her as she was awake. Tsunada was shocked by the sudden change in things, but she didn’t speak up and began suckingon him. And Sasuke seemed to be frightened by this turn of things. Tsunade: I’m sure you realize that I am not able to give you my body. Sasuke Then I understand. This is the most important part of this anime. After Tsunade has sucked Sasuke, Tsunade enters her body and begins to fuck her. They both cum, and Tsunade lay on her stomach, waiting for Sasuke’s cum on her stomach.

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Lewd Dance of the Female Ninjas 2

In this comic, you will see several stories based on Naruto. The ninjas of the busiest era love training however they also love the wild and dirty sex more. They’ll go to any lengths to have some glasses of cum in their sexy vaginas. On the comics pages you can find a girl who likes to be pampered by a strange man. And they both definitely like it. You might want to read the comic now.

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Hana ni You

So, a luscious young lady with a beautiful pink hair is having a romantic date with a man. They take a stroll in the park and a delicious lunch with wine and squid. After a glass of wine, the girl gets drunk and would like to keep the friendship going. The couple heads to the home to make the meeting more intimate. The man starts to take off the girl by letting her dress fall to the ground. Enjoy.

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Konoha no Sei Shorigakari

A small variationof sexual relationships and depraved hookups. The sexy Naruto girls are great to get fucked. Watch how Tsunade extends her legs and displays everyone her delicious cunt. She is now eager to devour a hefty sausage made of meat. Hinata is a fan of blowing her throat followed by jumping on the fat daddy. Everybody has their own fetish and you’ll learn about them if you watch the comic.

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